Leaving Marshall can be difficult

Many say that leaving Marshall can be difficult, but it’s not just leaving the county we call home behind that makes moving a seemingly daunting task. There are things to be packed, boxes to be filled, papers to be filed, and of course, the emotions that go with everything. We recently decided to move to Florida – due to a job offer – and here is a quick take of what to prepare if ever you make the decision to move.

Getting Your Things Together

Hiring a professional mover is generally a good idea, they help with your checklist and get everything packed and transported with no particular hassles. We hired the services of a reputable local Tampa moving company, Sam’s Movers, to help us with the move. It was melancholic experience and we had to leave a few things behind, but we knew that this was the first step to a new chapter in our life.

Getting Your Schedule Together

We planned our move by the end of November, however due to many unforeseen circumstances we were delayed until the first week of December. It was a good thing that my wife prepared a schedule with some leeway. During this time we had to get our cut off dates for our utilities together and we survived without the Internet for about a week. It’s important to plan ahead with any move, get a schedule and work towards achieving it.


Getting Your Papers Together

This included a visit to my tax adviser so I could get everything in order (don’t forget to keep your receipts, you might eligible for a tax return), health records, school records for the kids, and of course the other little papers that you inevitably have to sift through before you get to leave.

Getting Your Goodbyes Together

Marshall will always be where I grew up in, met my wife and got my first job. I am saddened by fact that we are leaving and I feel like I have left a part of me behind. However, life goes on, the new job in Florida seems promising and the family would love some extra sunshine. My advice is to get all your old friends and buddies together on your last night, have dinner and share a couple of stories. We might be starting the next chapter of our life in Florida, but I feel like I’ll be back next month to visit!

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