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The Official Marx Toy Museum

915 2nd Street
Moundsville, WV
(304) 845-6022

Tuesday through Saturday ~ 11 am to 5 pm

April through December

Closed Some Holidays

Located just 1.5 miles from the Glen Dale Factory in “Historical” Moundsville, West Virginia, The Official Marx Toy Museum displays the toys of Louis Marx throughout five decades of production. The museum is a dedication to Marx Toys, to Louis Marx the man and what he believed in, to the many Men and Women who dedicated their lives to toy production, and to the families who enjoyed Marx toys throughout their childhood.

A journey to The Official Marx Toy Museum will truly be a walk down memory lane. A labyrinth of glass cabinets guides visitors through a display of thousands of Marx items from metal wind-ups to historical playsets, push toys to trains, dollhouses and service stations, Johnny West figures, Big Wheels, and much, much more.

The Marx Prototype Room will introduce visitors to the toy production process along with displays of original artwork, sketches, hard-carved prototypes, one-of-a-kind items, molds, and more. Throughout the tour, the museum introduces visitors to several former factory workers, their accounts, and unique stories about a number of Marx toys.

Special features include a life-size Western Town Street front, Transportation & Service Station area, working Train Display, Prototype Room, and Vintage 1950’s Refreshment Area.

A visit to The Official Marx Toy Museum is both entertaining and educational, videos describing the history of Louis Marx, early television commercials, and original footage of the Glen Dale factory are shown throughout the museum.

The museum displays complete, quality toys, just as children would remember them on Christmas day, in an authentic 1950’s décor, which coincides with the golden age of Marx toys. Louis Marx was known for his unwavering attention to detail, and the same can be said for the Marx museum.

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